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The Washington Post this morning features a page-one story about how, “from Atlanta to Minneapolis to Seattle, people are reacting to the stagnant economy and the high cost of produce by planting their own fruits and vegetables, say garden store owners, bulk seed sellers and industry analysts.

“In the skyscrapered canyons of New York City, increasing numbers of people are growing their food on fire escapes, on rooftops, in back yards and in community gardens … The reasons vary but include increasing interest in the quality and environmental impact of food. Recently, money has become a bigger factor.”

Bruce Butterfield, the market research director of the National Gardening Association, tells the Post that last year, “about 22 percent of U.S. households – including many in cities and suburbs -- grew vegetables, spending an average of $58 to do so, up from $48 per household in 2006. Butterfield anticipates that number will be significantly higher this year.”

KC's View:
I’ve always sort of envied people who have the time, interest, inclination and talent to grow plants, fruits and vegetables. Maybe it’s laziness, and maybe it is just my brown thumb…but Oliver Wendell Douglas I’m not and will never be.