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Interesting story in the Chicago Tribune that is an interesting follow-up to yesterday’s piece about how the city of Chicago has decided to ban vendors at farmers markets from handing out disposable plastic bags, apparently on the theory that this move could help rid the environment of the pesky sacks.

The new Tribune story details the saga of Henry Brockman, who is just such a farmers market vendor, and how he recently decided that his practice of handing out plastic bags was in fact hypocritical, because it was at odds to the rest of his business, which he tried to run in a responsible, sustainable way.

So, Brockman decided to walk the walk – and started charging consumers 25 cents for four bags.

“Now you would think this would be a pretty harmless move, considering Brockman deals with people who go out of their way to buy organically grown food and are willing to pay a premium for it,” the Tribune writes. “Seems he would be preaching his environmental message to the choir. But the farmer learned there are varying shades of green, and some cling tight to their right to a free plastic bag,:” and that there appear to be plenty of people who drive to the farmers market in their Range Rovers or other gas guzzlers, saying they want to save the earth. Many of these folks believe that plastic bags are their birthright…and they made their voices heard to the farmers market organizers.
KC's View:
Big surprise. Some people are hypocrites.

Maybe they ought to not allow people driving Hummers to even attend farmers markets. Or maybe it is just “heads on pikes” time.