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BrandWeek reports on the annual Gallup Consumption Habits survey, which reveals that more than four out of 10 US drinkers (42 percent) say that beer is their beverage of choice, up from 40 percent a year ago, with 31 percent saying wine is their favorite alcoholic drink. However, while it has become conventional wisdom that wine is gaining popularity in the US, the Gallup poll says the opposite – that wine is actually down, with 39 percent saying it was their favorite alcoholic drink in 2005 and 34 percent saying so in 2007.

Hard spirits were said to be the favorite of 23 percent of respondents, up one percentage point from a year ago.

However, the Gallup poll also points out that beer’s numbers are down from a decade ago, when it was described as preferred by almost 50 percent of respondents.

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