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Published reports this weekend said that the Berry family, which owns The Fresh Market chain that operates 78 stores in 18 southern and southeastern US states, has decided not to sell the company after considering offers over the past three or four months.

The family had hired Goldman Sachs to help it consider various options for either selling the company or soliciting outside investment in the chain.

After receiving thoughtful and fair offers to purchase from a number of different companies, we have decided to retain ownership of The Fresh Market," said Brett Berry, president and CEO of The Fresh Market, in a prepared statement. "Simply put, as we went through the process of courting potential buyers and investors we fell in love with the company all over again. We consider ourselves fortunate to continue to own and operate the company founded by our family over 25 years ago."

KC's View:
As Jimmy Buffett once said, “indecision may or may not be my problem…”

Depending on how the economy goes and how the company is able to grow at a time when competition is only going to get tougher and resources are only going to get tighter, ownership may find itself wondering if it made the right decision. However, I never fault independent-minded retailers for wanting to stay independent…they are the soul of the business, and I have enormous respect for them.