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• Published reports in the UK say that Tesco has gotten the required government approvals top build that country’s first straw-powered energy plant, which will create enough electricity to run eight Tesco superstores. The plant is part of the company’s overall goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2020; the technology for the new plant makes it essentially carbon neutral, and the company estimates it can recoup the $20 million (US) cost of the plant within six years.

Tesco reportedly has at least five other sites picked out where it could build and operate similar power plants.

• In the UK, the Telegraph reports that Tesco plans to unveil the new décor package for its US Fresh & Easy format when it opens a store in Fresno, California, later this year. The goal of the new design strategy is to make the stores less austere, which has been a common complaint about the first 60 units opened by the company in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

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