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The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) announced yesterday that
C. Manly Molpus, who served as president/CEO from 1990 until his 2006 retirement, will return to the organization as interim President and CEO.

The move follows the resignation last week of Cal Dooley, who joined GMA as president/CEO after leaving the US Congress in 2005. Dooley will become president/CEO of the American Chemistry Council, an organization significantly larger than GMA. One report said that GMA reports revenues, from membership fees and other sources, of about $24 million, while the American Chemistry Council reports revenues of about $122 million.

One news report said that in his first year at GMA, Dooley earned just shy of $760,000 a year; that same year, the president/CEO of the American Chemistry Council made $2.1 million, and the National Journal says that this pay level makes it one of the highest paid trade association jobs in Washington, DC.

Molpus, who became a consultant after his retirement, will return to GMA on September 2 and stay until a successor is named.

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