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Bloomberg reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to have regulators working full-time in China, India, Europe and Latin America to assure that manufacturers in those areas are meeting US safety standards. The Middle East also has been slated as a place where the FDA would like to have regulators on the ground.

However, despite the fact that FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach announced his plans to station employees overseas in January, it is anticipated that these full-time employees won’t be stationed abroad until the end of 2009.

KC's View:
At which point we will be 25 percent of the way through the first McCain or Obama administration…so who knows what the leadership at FDA will look like, or what the priorities will be.

I understand that there are some bureaucratic hoops through which the US has to jump in order to get investigators on the ground … though as a major importer of goods from all these countries, you'd think that we’d have enough clout to expedite the process.

It just seems to me that if the FDA wants the citizens who pay for its existence through their taxes to take its efforts seriously, maybe it could do better than a two-year delay in stationing people in companies exporting products to the US.