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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) last week released a study saying that “text messaging is by far the most often cited mobile marketing method — accounting for 70 percent of consumer mobile marketing responses — compared to a 41 percent response rate to surveys and a 30 percent response rate for e-mail offers.

Among the results cited in the study:

• About one-quarter (24 percent) of those surveyed have responded to a mobile offer.

• One-third of the group that did not respond to any mobile marketing reported that they had never received an offer.

• 71 percent of people who respond to mobile offers have data plans.

• 21 percent of mobile marketing responders indicated that they responded to three or more offers per month.

KC's View:
Seems to me that there is an enormous difference between unsolicited mobile marketing offers and those from marketers to which consumers have given permission.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that if I ever start getting unsolicited mobile marketing messages on my cell phone, and I’m going to be ticked off. Really, really ticked off.

Then again…I concede that I am not the target market for these messages.