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The Boston Herald reports that Ahold-owned Stop & Shop “will unveil a new logo and redesigned store uniforms in addition to expanding its prepared food section and further rolling out shopping assistance technology.”

While the new logo has not yet been unveiled, it is said to be brighter and with a slightly different shape.

According to the Herald, “Stop & Shop’s range of prepared foods will grow significantly over the next two to three months … The chain also is testing a product line called ‘Choose and Cook,’ a refrigerated collection of fresh, color-coded food ingredients - meat, poultry or seafood, a vegetable, starch and sauce - that can be combined into a meal for four in 20 minutes. The line, which comes with instruction for meals such as sirloin beef teriyaki and shrimp pad thai, is widely available in the stores of Stop & Shop’s sister companies in Europe. Stop & Shop is owned by Amsterdam-based Ahold.”

The company says that the overall goal is to de-clutter its stores.

KC's View:
To my mind, as someone who lives in Stop & Shop’s marketplace, the company has been one of the least innovative retailers in the marketplace…the chain just doesn’t provide what I would think of as being compelling reasons to choose its store instead of another one. (There’s been a price rollback program that has been well advertised, but I can do better going to Costco or buying from

So I hope, for Ahold’s sake, that things are changing. Because a stagnant position in a fast-changing consumer marketplace just isn’t tenable.