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Interesting piece in Advertising Age suggesting that with food safety concerns about tomatoes, peppers and beef flooding the media, a number of fast food chains have decided to use “quality” as a marketing touchstone to reassure once and future patrons. “Amid the confusion, fast-food players, including McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's, are lining up to explain why their food is fresh and reasonably healthy,” the story says.

As Ad Age notes, there is reason for some concern: “A 2006 E. coli crisis at Taco Bell cost the company $20 million in fourth-quarter operating profits alone. A New York City rat infestation followed in early 2007, and same-store sales took several quarters to recover.”

KC's View:
Not sure we’re there yet, but it certainly is legitimate to argue that the food industry is on the verge of a credibility crisis.