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The Wall Street Journal reports that from small towns to big cities, customers and government officials are coming together to see if they can convince Starbucks’ leadership to change its mind about at least some of the 600 stores it plans to close.

“It is an unusual twist in the saga of Starbucks, one of the fastest-growing retailers of the past decade,” the Journal writes. “For years, Starbucks gained attention when a town didn't welcome it. Independent coffee shops complained about the big-muscled competition, and residents bemoaned the erosion of local character.

“But ever since Starbucks announced this month that it would close 600 stores by early next year, as its business struggles, the rallying cause has switched to saving these endangered locations.”

Last week Starbucks identified the 600 US stores that it plans to close as it restructures the company. Forty-four states will be affected, with 88 units to be closed in California, 59 in Florida and 57 in Texas.

The company has not said how it will handle such entreaties.

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