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Marketing Daily reports on new research saying that nutraceuticals are about the make an enormous leap into the US mainstream because of “more Boomers reaching AARP age every day, and new generations of teens and children who are not only hip to the long-term wellness benefits of healthful diets, but intrigued by beyond-nutrition benefit claims.”

Nutraceuticals – foods and beverages that are said to have specific health, wellness and appearance advantages – already are a $27 billion business, with the average American said to be spending $90 on such products.

The nutraceutical category is broken in five segments – nutrition by color, “beauty” foods that affect appearance, brain-power foods, “satiety foods” that fill you up and keep you from overeating, and digestive health foods such as probiotics.

The research comes from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD).

KC's View:
No surprise here. Americans always are looking for the magic pill that will solve their ills.

I remain highly skeptical. But, to be honest, not so much so that I would try any one of these products if I thought it would help me live longer, better, healthier. Or help me run faster or shoot a basketball more accurate. Or keep my hair from graying. Or whatever.