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One reaction from an MNB user to the $52 billion takeover of Anheuser-Busch by Belgian brewer InBev:

Some things aren't about money. That fact that InBev had to go out of their way to reassure all that they'll keep the Clydesdales pretty much says it all. Life will go on after AB is in foreign hands. However, I can't help but feel a twinge of remorse that seemingly everything has a price, now including brand equity and pride.

I wouldn’t bet any serious money on the long-term prospects for the Clydesdales, which I suspect could find themselves in a few years put out to pasture and tended by a woman named Frau Blucher.

MNB user Jerome Schindler had some thoughts about the Ohio milk labeling case:

The main issue is that food is largely a multistate industry and needs uniform labeling rules, a point I made in both oral and written comments to the Ohio Ag Dept. when it was developing their regulation. I urged Ohio to adopt the Wisconsin regulation that has been on the books for at least ten years. Had Ohio heeded this advice they would not now be embroiled in litigation that is a waste of Ohio taxpayers money.

This is another area where the federal FDA has failed in their responsibility. If FDA had a clear labeling regulation covering the entire U.S. (not just an fuzzy guidance document) the states would not have had to spend all of this time, effort and resources developing their own regulation on rbST labeling.

There is an organization of state officials (Association of Food and Drug Officials) that preaches "uniformity" but while AFDO talks the talk, the individual members don't walk the walk. In the end the parochial political interests of the individual states prevail.

Gee, this seems to have so little to do with science…

I’m shocked.

Regarding Starbucks’ decision to start selling a new smoothie drink this summer, MNB user Jim Donegan wrote:

We were all told that the smells of cooking food interfered with the desired coffee smell that Howard Schultz wanted in his stores so that’s why he discontinued the breakfast sandwiches. Doesn’t he know what these smoothies will smell like with their juice content? Walk in to any Jamba Juice and the smell is unmistakable.

Interesting how yesterday’s RIP note about former white House spokesman Tony Snow, who died over the weekend at age 53 of colon cancer, elicited two very different responses.

One MNB user wrote:

An amazing man whose goodness and purpose of life showed through some of his darkest days. He was the definition of why character and faith are important to the world. God Bless him and his family.

But for another MNB user, there was more to consider:

Feel sorry for him on a personal level, but should we also not give an RIP to all the Iraqi citizens and American Service men & women that lost their lives due to his perpetuation of the White House spin on an unwarranted and illegal war.

To say nothing of the thousand of wounded and maimed (both American and Iraqi) that he helped the White House to justify.

Tough stuff. And illustrative of the bitterness that seems to pervade so much of the discourse in this country.

Not much peace to be found here, I’m afraid.
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