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• Tony Snow, the conservative pundit and journalist who spent 17 months as a happy warrior for the Bush administration, serving as press secretary for the White House and restoring civility to the distrustful pressroom that had developed during the tenure of Scott McClellan, died over the weekend at age 53. Snow was suffering from colon cancer, the same disease that had killed his mother; he had been remarkably straightforward and eloquent about the disease and how he was dealing with it right up until the final weeks of his life.

• Bobby Murcer, the native Oklahoman who faced the unenviable task of replacing Mickey Mantle as the New York Yankees’ center fielder back in the late sixties, died of brain cancer at age 62. In his later years Murcer had become a broadcaster with the Yankees, and was a source of seemingly indefatigable good cheer even as he dealt with the effects of his disease.

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