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Retailers and manufacturers are coping with tough economic times – but MNB “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe says that now is not the time to play it safe, think tactically, and “get back to basics.”

Rather, he says in this new presentation, it is a time to challenge oneself and one’s organization, to think and act strategically, and to understand how the future is being reshaped by a range of forces. Some of these forces are beyond our control, but are worth embracing because they can help us gain new customers, new sales, and a new relevance in a fast-changing marketplace.

Using the day's and week's headlines as a starting point from which to assess the state of the industry, Kevin takes audiences across the country and around the world, showing them examples of how to think and act differently about their businesses. He can do for your conference what he has done for hundreds of other meetings - offer “big ideas for thought leaders” that can provoke and motivate.

No B.S. No rose-colored glasses. No sacred cows. Just a wake up call for marketing and merchandising strategies that work, based on an assessment of the best companies and best ideas out there today.

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“What a great job you did at our management retreat! Our group felt your presentation was filled with fresh, practical information and is excited about trying some new marketing approaches.”
- Norman Mayne, CEO, Dorothy Lane Market

“I think you were the most ‘on target’ keynote speaker I’ve ever booked.”
- John Hall, Event Content Director, Edgell Communications

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