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• Caribou Coffee said last week that it plans to offer exclusive La Minita Peaberry coffee, while supplies last. The company purchased the entire year's harvest of the high-quality, hand-sorted bean, from growers in Costa Rica.

• In London, a food purveyor apparently has scored a public relations coup by selling a gourmet burger made out of varying ingredients from seven countries for the equivalent of $185 apiece. The burger was only available for two days, and sold out the 100 available patties during that period of time.

The name of the purveyor: Burger King.

All proceeds from the sale of the burger were donated to the charity, Help a London Child.
KC's View:
Both of these stories are about differential advantages…about making a statement in the marketplace. MNB approves. (Even if MNB dos not approve of Burger King in general…)