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The Newark Star-Ledger reports that drug manufacturers are starting to use supermarket and drug store aisles as a venue through which they can advertise their prescription drugs – which people cannot actually buy without authorization from their doctors.

This is, according to the paper, a shift in strategy, since “in the pharmaceutical marketing universe, non-conventional advertising, such as take-one ads in stores, has become a buzz word, but it is typically used to promote over-the-counter products rather than prescription medicines.”
KC's View:
Gee, wasn't it just a week ago that major drug manufacturers have agreed to a six-month suspension of direct-to-consumer advertising of new prescription drugs?

It’s like these guys, finding out that they weren't going to be allowed to be annoying in one venue, decided that they needed to be annoying someplace else.

For some reason, not being annoying doesn’t seem to be an option.