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The Orlando Sentinel has a piece about the burgeoning supermarket competition in central Florida, where “stores seem to be dividing into three distinct groups: those that serve affluent shoppers, those that sell to price-sensitive consumers and those that specialize in ethnic or hard-to-find specialty foods. … The down economy has spurred a major shakeout. Strong players such as Publix are becoming more dominant and weaker ones such as Albertsons and Winn-Dixie are selling stores or revamping locations to survive.”

Things are expected to get tougher soon, as Aldi opens 13 stores there and Costco and Sam’s continue to aggressively “siphon away customers,” even as Whole Foods opens a new store designed to appeal to the upper end of the market and Publix looks to expand its appeal to Hispanics and shoppers interested in organics.

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