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The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Walgreen Co., concerned that the competition is only get tougher among retailers selling inexpensive generics, is “getting more aggressive about marketing its prescription savings club card” and is promoting heavily via the Internet.

According to the story, Walgreen charges an annual fee of $20 for an individual card and $35 for a family card. The card “offers a three-month supply of certain generic drugs for $12.99 -- a benefit started in November 2007. The program expanded a couple of months ago to 400 generics from the initial 300. The discounted generics include blood pressure medicine Atenolol, diabetes medicine Metformin and cholesterol medicine Lovastatin. The card also offers varying savings on 5,000 medications, from Lipitor to Viagra.”

Among the retailers also offering discounted generic prescription drugs, thus creating the heightened competition, are Wal-Mart and Safeway.

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