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The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that tomorrow, Kroger-owned Ralphs “is expected to eliminate bonus valuations on coupons for $1 or more and will only double the value of coupons for 50 cents or less … Currently, shoppers can receive a maximum of $1 extra when redeeming manufacturers' coupons for $1 or more. However, under the new policy that is expected to take effect Wednesday, those coupons will be accepted only at face value.

“Under the new policy, coupons worth 25 cents will still be worth an extra quarter, for a total savings of 50 cents. And a 50-cent coupon will be doubled for a net savings of a dollar. But the doubling stops there. Any coupons for more than 50 cents but less than $1 will only increase to $1.”

Safeway eliminated its double coupon policy in its Vons division in 2006, according to the story, but then reinstated it but only doubles up to $1.

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