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The Los Angeles Times reports that not only is the era of low-carb diets over, but “high-carb foods such as beans, bananas and whole-grain breads” have become something of a rage as “some in the food industry have begun touting the health benefits of ‘resistant starch’ - a form of fiber that delivers some of the health benefits of soluble and insoluble fibers.”

Resistant starch, according to the story, helps maintain regularity as well as controls cholesterol, weight and blood sugar.

KC's View:
I can see the cookbooks and diet books on the horizon…which will only serve to complicate issues and confuse consumers. Resistant starch may be good for you…but it is not a silver bullet that will solve a variety of problems. It is just one element in what ought to be a balanced diet…which, when combined with sufficient exercise, helps maintain good health.