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Interesting piece in the Los Angeles Times over the weekend that endeavors to tell shoppers how to save money on groceries. (Pretty much every newspaper and local television station is doing a variation on this theme these days.)

What caught our attention was the advice attributed to Michael Ainslie, the development chef Tesco’s LA-based Fresh & Easy chain. For one thing, he suggests buying seasonal products, which usually are cheaper than items out of season that have been transported long distances and usually are not as flavorful. But for another way to save, he suggests patronizing farmer’s markets.

KC's View:
This may be some sort of evidence that Fresh & Easy is doing better than some critics say…because why else would the company’s development chef send customers elsewhere to save money.

On the other hand, this isn’t Kremlinology…and it is entirely possible that his first line was “shop at Fresh & Easy,” but that the reporter cut that out of the story.