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The Wall Street Journal reports that the Corn Refiners Association is launching a major advertising and public relations campaign designed to rehabilitate the reputation of high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked by many scientists to the nation’s obesity epidemic.

According to the story, “The group is running full-page ads in more than a dozen major newspapers around the country saying its product is no worse for you than sugar. The ad, which features a stalk of corn, carries the headline: ‘And Now a Little Food for Thought.’ The ad goes on to tell readers that lots of foods and beverages are sweetened with ‘sugars made from corn, such as high-fructose corn syrup’ and that it has the ‘same natural sweeteners as table sugar and honey’.”

Indeed, there may be some limited support for this message. The American Medical Association, according to the Journal, has said that “HFCS doesn't appear to contribute more to obesity than other caloric sweeteners. Still, the AMA called for further independent research to be done on the health effects of HFCS and also said that consumers should limit the amount of all sweeteners they use.”

KC's View:
It is this last line that is most important – that we all should cut down on our use of sweeteners.

What the HFCS campaign doesn’t address, by the way, is the fact that many people say that sugar simply tastes better. Or that right now corn has gotten so expensive that HFCS may become a less attractive alternative. But maybe those are issues for another day.