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MSNBC reports that as high interchange fees combined with high gasoline prices are putting the squeeze on gas stations around the US, some owners and managers are taking steps to fight the trend – they are no longer accepting credit cards.

They do so at some risk, since not taking credit cards will actually inconvenience a great many customers; NACS says that two-thirds of all station transactions last year were by credit or debit cards. But stations are stressed, and looking for any alternative to bankruptcy.

KC's View:
For the record, if I can get a cheaper gasoline price at a station that does not accept credit or debit cards, I’ll go there and make sure I bring cash. Hell, I’ll bring barter if that’ll help me keep my costs down.

Discounts-for-cash clearly is a better way to go, but in some states there are legal impediments to such a policy. So simply banning the cards strikes me as a smart business move.