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CNN reports that the US Congress, as expected, has overridden President Bush’s veto of the $300 billion farm bill.

According to the story, “Two-thirds of the $300 billion in spending for the farm bill will go for nutrition programs such as food stamps. Another $40 billion will go toward farm subsidies, and $30 billion is allocated for payments to farms to keep land idle and other environmental programs.”

President Bush vetoed the bill because he objected to what CNN describes as “its continued subsidies for the wealthy and its use of budget gimmicks to hide a $20 billion increase in spending.” But the veto override was by a comfortable margin, and the bill has become law.

• Kroger announced that its unionized employees in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area have ratified a new contract agreement that covers more than 4,200 employees at 60 stores in the region.

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