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• The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Safeway has agreed to pay $2.7 million
“to settle a consumer protection case in six Central California counties, including Santa Cruz. The settlement … dealt with complaints about inaccuracies in pricing and weighing as well as construction violations.” The story notes that “customers who may have been overcharged for a sandwich or a dish of potato salad will not get their dimes and nickels back. The $2.7 million settlement will pay court fees and fund future consumer protection investigations, according to the District Attorney's Office.”

• The Business Courier of Cincinnati reports that Kroger “has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit dating back to 2001 and involving black employees in six states for $16 million.” According to the story, a memo from Kroger CEO David Dillon “said there was no finding of discrimination by the court, and the money will be placed in a fund and disbursed to black employees who meet certain criteria, according to the story.”

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