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• In Massachusetts, the MetroWest Daily News reports that “a Worcester man working at the Wal-Mart in Framingham was arrested on charges he bilked the store out of thousands of dollars.” According to the story, the man “had been crediting himself with receipts from customers since February and had amassed more than $11,000 worth of store credit,” and was using the gift cards to buy things like a plasma television.
KC's View:
Gift cards? Plasma televisions? Haven’t we all read this story someplace else?

I just hope that if this fellow is convicted, he gets to spend his incarceration on an Arkansas ranch as opposed to a real jail.

In fact, there’s an idea. The courts should make a certain convicted felon who is a former Wal-Mart vice chairman to take this new guy in and give him a guest room and have them live together for a while. Maybe they could videotape it for a new reality show on Court TV.