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Considering that I never met Tim Russert, the longtime moderator of “Meet The Press” who died Friday at age 58, it strikes me an somewhat extraordinary that the weekend – during which it seemed like almost the entire nation mourned his passing – ended up being as sad as it was. But a lot of us seemed to feel that way – that he was an essentially decent man in a profession where not all practitioners behave that way. That he was fair in all of the questions he posed, no matter who was sitting across the table. And, ultimately, that he was a man who defined himself mostly as a father and son … in a way that made – and continues to make - people think about their own parents and children.

I cannot think of another media personality whose death would have the impact that Russert’s did. His death at such a young age was terribly sad, and leaves a hole in American politics and media that will be hard to fill.

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