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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports on the opening of a new Family Fresh Market in Hudson, Wisconsin, by owner Nash Finch.

According to the story, “After two years of planning, the first-of-its-kind Family Fresh Market opened its doors Friday with a new name and a new aim: to help shoppers make healthier and more nutritionally balanced choices.” The new store, the paper reports, has “a meat and organic-produce section that is nearly twice as big as those at most supermarkets, and rivals the quality and selection of upscale grocers such as Byerly's or Kowalski's.

“The middle of the store offers values that are on par with Wal-Mart and SuperTarget and often beat out grocers such as Cub and Rainbow, according to Nash Finch officials. The strong push into organics and national foods is new for Nash Finch, which owns 59 supermarkets in nine mostly Midwestern states under the Econofoods, Sun Mart and Family Thrift Center names.”

KC's View:
Think it is smart to focus on both health and price…because even as customers look to save money in a tough economic environment, they will not give some of the aspirational impulses they’ve developed over the past few years. The tough thing is finding the right balance that makes both click without canceling out the impact of either.