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The Newark Star Ledger reports that under its new A&P ownership, Pathmark is returning to its low-price roots. Newly remodeled stores in Irvington and Edison, NJ, illustrate the concept, described by the paper as reminiscent of the chain’s approach three decades ago – “lower prices on many items with weekly sales that include significant price cuts on certain products.”

Burt Flickinger III tells the paper that “it's the perfect format at the perfect time … particularly for Pathmark, which had been the price leader for its first 30 years and has lost price leadership in the past decade.”

And Eric Claus, CEO at A&P, says, "This will be the template for a massive Pathmark refresh to be rolled out between now and the end of 2009.”
KC's View:
I’ve always been taught that it can take years to create a low-price image, and about two minutes to lose it. The latter happens when a retailer isn’t consistent and relentless in making sure that both the perception and reality of low prices are evident in its stores.

That’s what happened with Pathmark, if I recall correctly. I’m sure it is a lesson of which A&P is extremely aware.