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The Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigations arm of the US Congress, has issued a report that “criticized the Bush administration for failing to identify the steps and funding needed to protect the nation's food supply,” according to a story in the Wall Street Journal, which also notes that “the GAO report said the FDA had promised a progress report by April on steps it had taken to carry out its plan to keep the food supply safe. But the agency recently told the GAO that its parent, the Department of Health and Human Services, hasn't approved the report.”

The GAO study comes out as consumers and the food industry grapple with a salmonella outbreak that raises questions about the safety of tomatoes around the country, as well as reports that the Bush administration has increased its budget request for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by $275 million. The White House originally asked for $2.4 billion in funding, but was undercut when FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach admitted under questioning that this number was inadequate.

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