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The Boston Globe reports that “confronted with soaring commodity costs, a shrinking juice market, fierce competitors, and consumer health concerns,” the 139-year-old cooperative known as Welch's “is finally shaking things up to survive.”

The tactics: “Over the past year, with a new chief executive at the helm, Welch's has accelerated the introduction of new products, rolling out lower-calorie beverages, bags of dried fruit, and lickable ads promoting the great taste and nutritional benefits of the sweet purple liquid (twice the antioxidant power of orange juice). At the same time, the … business has consolidated distribution plants, changed the formula of its juices and packaging to lower costs, and assembled a panel of moms to help figure out the future … Welch's has invested heavily in researching the health benefits of Concord grapes, a slightly frustrating task, company officials concede, when red wine has already had success convincing consumers about grapes' good-for-you perks. Welch's, with about $650 million in sales last year, has redesigned labels and its website to prominently feature the high antioxidant properties of grape juice, including a section that shows how other fruits, such as pomegranates and oranges, stack up against the almighty grape.”

KC's View:
I’m not in the target demographic, but I have to be honest – while I eat a ton of grapes and consume my share of red wine, it never occurred to me to buy grape juice for the health benefits. Maybe I have to pay more attention, but maybe Welch’s has to do a better job of communicating this message.

One thing, though. No matter what anyone says, I’m not sampling a lickable ad.