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Brand Week reports that Unilever has developed a new approach to healthy eating in Europe based on the notion of color.

According to the story, “The company launched a line called Eat in Color as a Knorr sub-brand last year and is in the midst of a global launch. The line includes Red soup, Green soup, Yellow soup, Orange soup and White soup. Each was made using vegetables of only one color,” which is linked to a specific health/nutrition benefit. “The color nutrition link has been established in some cases. For example, tomatoes are red due to the presence of lycopene, an antioxidant that has been linked to lower rates of cancer as well as decreased rates of heart disease.”

Unilever reportedly is tweaking the line in Europe and hasn’t yet made up its mind about a US launch.

KC's View:
Love the concept. Hope Unilever decides to bring it here.

By the way, at the risk of seeming self-referential, “eating in color” is one of the trends that we discussed in our inaugural edition of FoodWireTV, which currently can be seen at: