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Tesco’s Fresh & Easy division in the western United States released the following press release yesterday:

“Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market’s Kitchen today produced its 3 millionth product, a 17 ounce package of fresh&easy Mashed Potatoes, which retails for $1.99 and is made using only potatoes, milk, butter, cream, salt and pepper, without additives or preservatives. All fresh&easy products contain no added trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors and only use preservatives when absolutely necessary.

“Fresh & Easy recently announced plans to add over 250 new fresh&easy brand products to its stores over the next several months, based on positive customer feedback. Today Fresh & Easy will begin offering 23 of these new kitchen products in its stores, including Sheppard’s Pie, Ratatouille, Meatloaf Dinner, Braised Beef and Chicken Breast Marcella. These recipes were developed by Fresh & Easy’s own Chef, Mike Ainslie, who prior to joining the company worked with award-winning restaurants and hotels.”

Fresh & Easy, which has 61 stores open in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, currently is in what is being called a “time out,” and does not plan to open another new store until July 2, when it will unveil a new store in Manhattan Beach, California.

KC's View:
One MNB user wrote in recently, responding to another press release issued by Fresh & Easy, suggested that the chain is all about the press release and not enough about actually delivering on expectations.

Not sure that this is entirely true. But I will be a lot more interested to see how that new store in Manhattan Beach differs from earlier incarnations…it will tell us much more about Fresh & Easy than a 17-ounce package of mashed potatoes.