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The Hollywood Reporter ha a story saying that fast food chain Carl’s Jr. “is considering a foray into online branded entertainment” that would “target young males with edgy comedic webisodes.”

The feeling seems to be that the company wants to shift away from the more traditional online marketing approaches that it has taken, and is interviewing digital production companies to assess what the opportunities might be. The approach seems to be similar to what Anheuser-Busch launched last year with its Bud.TV website, an effort that is considered to be less than wildly successful.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Carl’s Jr. has been willing to take risks in recent years as it creates marketing vehicles that can separate it from the fast food pack. One example: “a 2005 TV commercial featuring a bikini-clad Paris Hilton washing a Bentley, which became one of Internet video's first viral hits.”

KC's View:
I like the idea of finding unique ways to tell one’s story, and of using the web to attract a new customer base.

But I hope they do better than Paris Hilton. (I keep wondering if there is a less attractive so-called attractive person than Paris Hilton, but can't come up with one…)