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MNB reported yesterday that Jimmy Buffett, the singer-songwriter who has developed an enormous business with "beach music" that speaks to wanderlust souls and the thirst for margaritas, sunshine, a sailboat and a stiff breeze, has decided that his newest DVD, "Scenes You Know By Heart," will only be available at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores, as well as on

The only exceptions to the decision: Buffett's own websites, and, also will sell the DVD, which is a visual version of his popular "Songs You Know By Heart" CD. The DVD is due out on June 3.

Buffett is just the latest artist to strike such a deal with Wal-Mart, with Garth Brooks and The Eagles also having done so in recent years.

This story generated a number of emails…none of them positive about Buffett’s decision.

MNB user Clayton R. Hoerauf wrote:

Speaking from the viewpoint of a person who got married in Key West and had our wedding reception at Margaritaville, this is right down there with finding out about Santa Claus! We will still no doubt go through with our 10th anniversary celebration at Cheeseburger in Paradise this July but we definitely will not be picking out the straw hat & flowered shirt at Wal-Mart on the way!

How great is it that you married someone willing to have the wedding reception at Margaritaville! Not sure I could have sold Mrs. Content Guy on that one. (Actually, I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t…)

Another MNB user wrote:

I have been a Buffett fan since I first saw him in the 70s. Some of the most fun concerts I have ever been to. While he has built a very powerful brand that includes restaurants, beer and re-releasing his music over and over it has not stopped my admiration and we buy his music when new CDs become available.

When the Eagles offered the CD exclusively through WM I stopped buying their music. It is a shame but I will not buy this DVD from WM. Jim has just lost some of his appeal with me and my wife (also a parrot-head). Perhaps it’s a calculated move to see whether selling a DVD exclusively will work or not in advance of a CD deal with WM. I’m sure there is much less risk.

It’s a shame that Jim has sold out. Kudos to Wal-Mart but I foresee a backlash from long time parrot-heads. He might have “stepped on a pop-top” with this deal.

Jim. Do the right think and renounce this partnership!

And MNB user Jim Nolan asked the best question:

Will the DVD include WDWGDAS as the "Yellow Album" did? Or will Wal-Mart ask for the "Why Don't We Get Lunch at School" version from the 1997 tour?

I checked the playlist, and it looks like the version being used is the one from the Hawaii concert, which some might find offensive. (I think he describes it as a Hawaiian love song…)

And if you don't know what “WDWGDAS” stands for, you’re on your own...
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