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The Houston Business Journal reports that HE Butt is engaging in a new multi-tiered price promotion campaign, “which includes lowering thousands of prices, increasing the value of weekly promotions and helping customers make affordable choices when shopping.”

According to Scott McClelland, president of H-E-B Houston, the campaign is linked to the fact that "our customers are telling us that the changing economy and price increase on commodity items is affecting them.”

The story notes that “in addition to new lower prices, customers can take advantage of money-saving opportunities and free items at H-E-B through special offerings including new coupons, five-items-for-$5 promotions, Meal Deals and My H-E-B Rx Rewards.”

KC's View:
Did a quick check online, and it looks like gas prices in Houston range from $3.55 to $3.99 per gallon. It’s only going up, and I have to assume that as it does so, people are going to be changing their shopping habits.

One thing you know about HEB, though – in addition to stressing price, it also is going to be a supermarket chain that will offer other differential advantages. Which is always a good thing to do for long-term viability.