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Jimmy Buffett, the singer-songwriter who has developed an enormous business with "beach music" that speaks to wanderlust souls and the thirst for margaritas, sunshine, a sailboat and a stiff breeze, has decided that his newest DVD, "Scenes You Know By Heart," will only be available at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores, as well as on

The only exceptions to the decision: Buffett's own websites, and, also will sell the DVD, which is a visual version of his popular "Songs You Know By Heart" CD. The DVD is due out on June 3.

Buffett is just the latest artist to strike such a deal with Wal-Mart, with Garth Brooks and The Eagles also having done so in recent years.

In addition to concerts and albums, Buffett also owns retail stores, bars, and restaurants, and has licensed his brand for tequila, beer, frozen foods and a new line of chips and salsas.

KC's View:
Interesting decision to give Wal-Mart and exclusive, since Buffett seems to subscribe to Carl Hiaasen's view of Florida – that it has been pretty much ruined by strip malls and conglomerates. But while there almost certainly are economic advantages to this decision, maybe it also reflects how far Wal-Mart has come in terms of rehabbing its reputation.