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C-Store News reports that Wawa has converted one of its convenience stores, in Yorktown, Virginia, "into more of a drive-in restaurant than a c-store, an initiative aimed at increasing food sales … The newly revamped location features 20 reserved parking spots for customers to pull in, view a menu, and place food and beverage orders through a speaker system. Harkening back to the 1950s, Wawa employees deliver ordered items to customers waiting in their cars."

According to the story, another Wawa drive-in is scheduled to open in Virginia Beach next month, and more could be on tap if the format works.

KC's View:
Yet another indication that the whole notion of format is dying. You decide who your customer is and what your customer wants, and what you can give that customer that is compelling and different and uniquely yours. And then you do it…as fast as possible.