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• Published reports say that Canada's Sobeys has opened a new format in downtown Edmonton, an 18,000 square foot "Urban Fresh" store that is dominated by fresh and prepared foods. A second Urban Fresh store reportedly is slated to be opened in the city later this year.

• The Tampa Tribune reports that Sweetbay Supermarkets has joined the list of food retailers that is offering shoppers a gift card with a10 percent bonus when they bring in their government-issued economic stimulus checks.

"Families bringing in an $1,800 check receive a $1,980 card," the Tribune writes. "There's also a 5 percent bonus for converting half a check. The store is waiving the normal check-cashing fee. It only is accepting paper checks, so customers who opted for direct deposit can't take advantage of the offer. The gift cards work only at Sweetbay locations." reports that Campbell Soup has decided to spend $23 million to expand a Northern California processing plant, which will result in area consumers actually eating more locally grown and organic produce contained in the company's beverages, soups and sauces.

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