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At least one retailer out there has a sense of humor about itself.

The Los Angeles Times reports that in the current movie release "Baby Mama," Greg Kinnear plays the owner of an independent smoothie shop in New York City who refers to Jamba Juice as "corporate juice pimps."

And what the did the real-life corporate juice imps think of the reference?

"We thought it was funny," Paul Coletta, Jamba Juice's vice president of marketing, tells the Times. "We're a brand that was built on fun. We're part of the pop culture, and being part of the pop culture conversation is what helps us stay relevant in consumers' minds."

KC's View:
That's refreshing. Coletta also said that he's glad the filmmakers chose to make fun of Jamba Juice rather than another brand.

Good for them.

Because the one thing more important than being able to tell a joke is being able to laugh at yourself when someone makes fun of you. It is a lot harder, but infinitely more important.