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Sometimes it makes sense to change up a core business strategy.

According to a story in USA Today, ice cream retailer Baskin Robbins has announced that it will begin selling soft-serve ice cream for the first time in its six decade history. The product will be in all of the companies 2,400+ US stores within the coming year.

The reason? Soft-serve ice cream represents 70 percent of all ice cream sales, a segment in which sales have been either stagnant or down in recent years. And, it allows Baskin Robbins to compete with the likes of Dairy Queen, Carvel and McDonald's, all of which sell soft-serve.

The risk? Some analysts tell USA Today that it is a lousy brand strategy because it undermines Baskin-Robbins' longtime message – that hand scooped ice cream is superior.

KC's View:
Don't eat a lot of ice cream anymore, but I have to admit that I don't completely understand the criticism of the decision. How is deciding to sell soft-serve ice cream a riskier move than, say, selling frozen yogurt? (Which Baskin Robbins has done without sinking the ship, best I can tell.)

I do think that Baskin Robbins has to bring something different to the party…like new flavors that will allow it to differentiate itself from the competition. If the company does that, I don't see the risk.