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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe and this is MorningNewsBeat Radio, available on iTunes and sponsored by Webstop, experts in the art of retail website design.

Well, it has been a busy week. In addition to my regular MorningNewsBeat duties, we also were in Las Vegas this week shooting the first edition of FoodWireTV, the new webcast that we are producing to help consumers shop, cook and eat smart. I'm gratified by the response we've gotten since FoodWireTV was first announced here on MorningNewsBeat…the kinds of emails we've gotten – both from interested sponsors and from eager potential viewers – have served as the kind of positive reinforcement that convinces us that this is a good idea.

That's one of the wonderful things about the MorningNewsBeat community. You aren’t shy about telling me when I mess up, but you also are tremendously generous in your encouragement. That's something to be treasured. In the more that six years that I've been doing this, one of the things that really amazes me is how much you pay attention and remember. It's scary. I sometimes will comment on a story and someone will shoot me an email within minutes to tell me that I said the opposite thing back in 2003. 2003? I can barely remember what I wrote last month!

And you pay attention to everything – even to all the things I say about Mrs. Content Guy. (By the way, thanks for all the nice congratulatory notes you sent about our 25th wedding anniversary last week.) Over the years, I've described her and her attitudes to varying degrees…so maybe I shouldn't have been shocked when MNB user Geoff Harper actually wrote and performed a song about her, integrating much of what I've said about her, that he emailed to me. Should have been shocked, but wasn't.

So as a little change of pace this week, I'm going to play Geoff's song – the world premiere of a song entitled, "A Mrs. Content Kind Of Girl."


KC's View:
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