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Wal-Mart announced yesterday that it has expanded the discount prescription price program that has had an enormous impact on the price of prescribed medicines in the US, saying that it will now offer as many as 350 90-day supplies of generic prescription medications for $10, and will sell more than 1,000 OTC products for $4 or less.

The program affects Wal-Mart stores, as well as Neighborhood Market and Sam's Club units.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the move takes aim "at the burgeoning mail-order pharmacy business by undercutting their prices on some drugs and speeding delivery."

Within hours, Target announced that it will match the new Wal-Mart program.

KC's View:
And other retailers will no doubt match the new plan as well.

It is remarkable how Wal-Mart is helping to reshape the health care landscape through its prescription drug discount plans, actually achieving results while politicians dither and debate. And it is ironic that Wal-Mart, which has gotten so much bad press over the years in the health benefits arena, is the company leading the charge on this, forcing broader change by being aggressive and innovative on its own.

This is worth noting in a broader context. Change happens when people and/or companies don't wait for the other guy to go first. Real change happens when you decide to go first, to take a shot, because you believe that something is the right thing to do on a variety of levels.