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The Lakeland Ledger reports on how Winn-Dixie has transformed 47 of a total 520 stores since a broad remodeling program began about a year ago, with another 50 or so will be finished by the end of June.

The emphasis is on a "brightly-lit produce section and its new exotic offerings, the beefed-up selection of organics and wine, the vibrant color scheme … new Hispanic and natural food sections, expanded produce and floral departments, an additional entrance and remodeled bathrooms."

The question seems to be whether this is all too little, too late, and of the company will be able to get past its reputation for "messy, poorly managed stores."

KC's View:
Hard to do, especially in the current environment, when economic pressures are forcing customers to make hard decisions. Seems to me that the real issue is whether there are real cultural changes taking place within Winn-Dixie…and if these changes can be effectively implemented in-store and effectively communicated to shoppers.

Hard to do.