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Healthnotes announced today that it is changing its name to Aisle 7, a move that it says reflects growth in its "storewide solutions and expansion beyond its original vitamin and supplement focus to include products across every aisle of the store - driven by the mainstreaming of health and wellness, and the simultaneous growth of emerging forms of shopper marketing." Healthnotes began expanding into storewide marketing solutions in 2006, and has seen over 40 percent annual growth in this segment of the business, according to the company.

As part of the transition to the new brand and company direction, company COO Jeffrey P. Beyer will become CEO; while Dr. Skye Lininger will continue in his Founder and Chairman roles.

KC's View:
This was an odd story to report this morning, for several reasons. For one thing, Healthnotes/Aisle 7 is returning as a sponsor of MNB, and so I want to make sure that I offer full disclosure on that fact. However, I would have written this story even if the company were not a sponsor, so it didn’t seem fair to penalize it; I've always been a big fan of its approach to the business and the products it offers, because it focuses on consistent and comprehensive information that allows shoppers to make more intelligent decisions. That's sort of the sweet spot around here.

The other slightly awkward part of the story is Aisle 7's announcement that Michael Sansolo, with whom I work in a number of areas and who contributes a weekly column to MNB, is joining the company as a member of its board of directors. There's no problem with that, though it all does start to look a bit incestuous. So I figure that the best I can do is be open with you and fair to all parties involved…and that you'll trust me to make the right decisions.