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The Boston Globe reports that a proposal that would give a new Wegmans store in Westwood, Massachusetts, about 20 miles southwest of Boston, the town's first liquor license for offsite consumption, is drawing fire from Roche Bros., which has had a store in town for almost four decades.

Roche Bros. is actively campaigning against the legislative proposal, which it feels would give Wegmans an unfair competitive advantage.

"Westwood is a dry town, so we never thought it was a possibility," Rick Roche tells the Globe.

According to the story, Wegmans has not made a final decision to open the Westwood store, which would be part of a massive retail development and would be the company’s first Massachusetts unit. Getting the liquor license, the Globe reports, is a key factor in its decision-making process.

KC's View:
Whatever happens, Westwood has the potential of being a foodie paradise if it has both a Roche Bros. and a Wegmans.