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WBZ-TV in Boston has a report that Hannaford Bros. has found one solution to some of its fast-rising health care costs. When employees need hop and knee replacements, the company is sending them to Singapore for the procedures – because it is cheaper to fly them there and back, put them up in hotel, pay for a traveling companion and fund the surgery there than it is to have it done in the US.

According to the story, the company's Health Benefits Manager, Peter Hayes, says that employees are open to the idea as long as the medical care equals what they would get at home.

KC's View:
I love Singapore, so my reaction to this is that it would be a pretty good deal…though on reflection, it would be better for the person who is the traveling companion than for the actual patient. That's a really, really long flight, and I can't imagine doing it after having endured surgery on my knee or hip.

On the other hand, Singapore Airlines is a terrific carrier. Maybe they'd make it bearable…or even enjoyable.