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The Boston Herald reports that Shaw's Supermarkets is working with the public television cooking show "America's Test Kitchen," and will create what are being called "Inspiration Stations" in its stores featuring recipes that will help shoppers get out of a "food rut."

According to the story, "Shaw's said the initiative, called 'Get Inspired,' was designed specifically to stop New Englanders from sleep-shopping through the grocery aisles, cooking the same uninspired meals, week after week."

KC's View:
I like that term, "sleep shopping."

I haven't seen an Inspiration Station in my local Shaw's, but I now will go out of my way to look for it. I would hope that these booths will have more than just recipe cards, however; the smart play is to do what Publix has done in so many of its stores, and create a booth where cooking and sampling can be done, and where the ingredients for the meals being promoted are gathered together for a truly smart shopping experience.

Just a thought.