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Crain's Chicago Business writes that Kraft Foods plans to unveil 80 new products this year, "focusing its new offerings on four areas: snacks, convenient meals, health and wellness, and premium items."

Among the new items being rolled out: macaroni-and-cheese-flavored crackers, granola bars that boast of digestive health benefits, Cool-Whip in an aerosol can, Planters Kettle-Roasted Peanuts; single-serve deli slices of meat, and beefier-tasting Oscar Mayer hot dogs. According to the story, "Kraft also is coming out with more 100-calorie snack packs, Crystal Light beverage sticks and flavors of microwaveable pizzas."

The story notes that in most cases, the new products are extensions of existing brands, which not only increases their likelihood of succeeding, but also allows Kraft to charge a higher price, and important attribute at a time when raw materials costs are skyrocketing.

KC's View:
Here's the one that I love the most, just from a quick reading – Cool Whip in an aerosol can. It just sounds great…especially because now, when Mrs. Content Guy isn’t watching, I can just pop open one of those babies, insert it in my mouth and get that great Cool Whip taste without having to actually put it on a dessert.

(In our house, it won’t just be me who will do it. It also will be the three kids…but we all have to be careful that Mrs. Content Guy doesn’t see us…)